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 Frequently Asked Questions 

 Below are frequently asked questions about VIVOU Gel and their answers. 

About usage

Are there any usage conditions?

Tell us the appropriate frequency for using.

In using gel, the application is slightly different in each season. Basically, users should best use the gel in the room temperature that causing no sweat and use on clean skin. (It's recommended to wash your skin with water first.)

Is there any age limit for using this gel?

1-2 times/ week until you get the body shape you want and after that you can use this gel one time per month to maintain the result.

Can I shower or take a bath?

Please shower after the gel is completely absorbed (5-10 minutes).

This is no specific age limit. However, for woman, using the gel after the menarche would give the best result.

For home care, can it be used daily?

After use, can I leave it on without washing?

It's not required to wash after use as it can help moisturize your skin.

Can I use it if I have a cold?

Yes, you can. However, it is better to use after recovery as it's required to use in the low-temperature room.

Yes, You can but do not use the gel on abdominal area. Besides, it's better to attend the pregnancy care course at salon for use in correct postures.

Can I use it during pregnancy?

Yes, you can use daily, and it's recommended for daily usage for better result.

Can I use it if I'm on period?

Yes, you can. However, the results would be individually varied. Taking the hormone balance into consideration, it's better to use after the period.

Should I clean my make up before use?

To allow the gel to be absorbed, you should clean your makeup or cream before use.

About result

Is there any rebound effect?

Fat that was broken and disposed from the body will not return unless your intake brings excess fat and carbohydrate back. Hence, in the area where it used to contain fat, it would be easily returned. So it is recommended to also look after your diet after use.

Are there any cases of ineffective result?

For users who are on medication or have metabolic disorder, the gel might not be as effective as usual.

Can it break down fat in internal organs?

It would only work on fat under the skin without effecting internal organ fat.

Does it have any effect on cellulite?

Of course, it takes effect on cellulite, and that's why users are satisfied with this gel  when they see the cellulite disappears.

*Cellulite is a condition of underlying fat and toxicant deposits under the skin connective tissue, giving a dimpled, lumpy appearance.

Will I lose weight after use?

The weight loss will not be immediate; however, it helps eliminate waste out of the body.

How long does it take to see the result?

Will my body be too slim from using this gel?

People have different "dream shape" and if you apply the  gel only on specific area to shape up to the body of your dream, it will not cause too skinny look. However, you should seek advice before use.

The gel will break down fat in 48 hours after application and after that you will feel the noticeable result (result may individually vary).


Will the result will differ due to age?

In general, the result is not much different, except the case of having metabolic disorder. It may not be as effective as usual. 

What if I'm sweating while using it, would there be any effect?

The sweats may hinder the absorption. Nonetheless, the overall outcome is not different.

In case if I sweat after applying, would there be any effect?

The gel contains ingredients providing skin protection as it consists of water, it would give the smooth feeling. However, if sweating cause uncomfortable feeling, you may rinse the skin with water.

Can I eat healthy food or vitamin?

Yes, no problem at all.

Any restrictions on food?

There is no specific restriction. However, if your body is in shape, you should be aware of your diet in daily life.

After using, how long should I wait before eating anything?

There is no specific restriction.

Can I apply on the injured area?

Please use after your wound is healed.

Will it help on wrinkles?

It basically helps repair the skin, so it may help on the wrinkles. However, the main purpose of this gel is to slim down your shape.

Will it help on blemish and dark spots?

It helps whiten your skin so it can enhance the skin condition.

Does it help with UV protection?


Can I wear makeup after use?

Please wear your makeup after washing your face.

If the gel gets into my eyes, will it cause any trouble?

If it gets into your eyes, you must rinse your eyes with water immediately.

Is there any reaction with chemical substances like perfume?

No, but it's better to clean your skin before using.

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