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Langerhans cell

      Its functions is to monitor within our skins by randomly presenting in layers of epidermis and stratum spinosum, for example, in case where there are antigens in our skin layers, Langerhans cell will support the function of immune system.

  1. As the gel is absorbed into skin, you can feel that the fat inside your skin layer (in liquid form) on Langerhans cell is "vanished".

  2. Langerhans cell will transmit data to cells in each spot to influence the internal body system to send the liquid form fat to skin layer.

  3. Before liquid-form fat reaches the skin layer, Lipolytic Emzymes in the gel will break it down as waste to be discharged from the body.

  4. Such fat waste would be excreted after internal body process.

       * For those on regular medication, the result might not be            as effective. To maintain the result, continuous use is                 recommended.

     This "VIVOU Gel" helps bring your dream shape to life. Just apply on your concerned area, and Lipolytic Enzymes, one of the gel ingredients, will tackle and break down excess body fat and then release it as  waste out of the body. Your body will instantly become firmer. By ingredients of over 80 plant extracts, you can be worry free of side effects and  it is suitable for sensitive skin.

   This body firming gel is therefore perfect for those going to attend important events, such as wedding ceremony, or party, as well as those who are concerned about excess fat in leading daily life.

       *To maintain the firm shape, continuous use is recommended.

      VIVOU PROFESSIONAL is formulated with fat-degrading enzyme derived from yeast, tightening, firming of the body, fat, and act effectively to cellulite. 80 kinds of natural plant-extract is blended, supports beautiful skin and body make-up. Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance, Paraben Free. All Skin Types.


The pic show before and after use only one time.


Flabby arms


Postpartum Mother


Respond to a variety of needs!

For Spa, Salon, Wedding Studio

Seeking parts slimming,

weight loss

Bride and groom

Postpartum mother

Home care

Daily body care

Antioxidant, whitening

and skin effect

Moisturizing, drying prevention

V-Shape Faces and Lift-up

Pregnancy line prevention 
and post-partum pulled tight

Experimental Result of Fat Lipolysis

(By Chubu University Biology Department in Japan)

Fat cell result after use Vivou Gel


About anti-obesity effect of Extract A and Extract B mixed in VIVOU gel

Our company got a question about anti-obesity effect related to VIVOU gel (Extract A and Extract B). Firstly, we would like to notify you that it took time to find the university science laboratory where is able to make an experiment, and it also took time to get the significant experiment result.

These experiment were done 2 times at the biofunction development laboratory of the university.

(1) 1st Experiment Report (April 7, 2017)

We tried to make and experiment about anti-obesity effect of Extract A and Extract B, but did not find significant effect to lipolysis in test sample. And we considered the effectiveness to fat cumulative action by using precursory fat cell, but we also did not find significant effect to lipolysis in test sample.

<Problem in 1st experiment>

In this lipolysis test, because of using matured fat-cell until fat droplet get bigger, it is possible that the difference of effectiveness by sample was difficult to find. Therefore, it is required to continuously consider the effect against lipolysis by making fat-cell in different maturity stage in next step.

(2) 2nd Experiment Report (August 10, 2017)

Base on 1st experiment result, in 2nd experiment, we changed the condition about effect against lipolysis in fat-cell to evaluate the effect against fat metabolism about Extract A and Extract B. As the result, even in this experiment condition, the significant effect to lipolysis is not found in test sample. But, for lipase activity which is lipolytic enzyme we got the result in 2nd experiment, as the result of checking in cell level and test tube level, we found strong lipase activity in Extract B which is lots of benefit for us. However, we did not find the effect in Extract A.

Moreover, we got the result as followings about the effect against inflammatory response which is related to the formation of fatness pathology. To sum up, as the evaluation result for the production of nitrogen monoxide (NO) which is a type of active oxygen by using macrophage cell line RAW264.7, we found inhibitory effect to the production of nitrogen monoxide (NO) in Extract A., and it is hinted for inflammatory response. We can sententiously summarize the above as below.

     (1) We found strong lipase activity in Extract B.

     (2) Extract A is related to the formation of fatness pathology.

It is hinted for inflammatory response. There is document 1.2 in report of inflammatory response of Extract A.

[Prospect and Problem]

This time result is limited to experiment condition, but there are multiple similar reports, so it gave the hint that it is useful even in daily life.

In the future, we suppose that we can see many developments of cosmetic product which can be expected for the effectiveness close to drug medicine such as anti-inflammatory action which is related to learn figure or formation of fatness pathology by lipolysis.

Answer to question about effect- efficacy of VIVOU gel

  • About effect-efficacy

About effect-efficacy to fat-cell, to be honest, how much of fat can be reduced?

A: We cannot mention because it is different depends on condition such as individual difference, maturity stage.


  • Gel can dissolve fat-cell or “blank” cell?

(or what is reduced is the water in the body?)

A: Instead of directly affect to fat-cell and stimulate the decomposing, we should say that it reflected from the experiment that fat decomposing can be performed in body mechanism because we found strong lipase action against fat content.

And it directly affects to fat content, so it directly does not affect to water in body. But it affects to swelling and flow of lymph by massage, so it should stimulate water discharge.


  • About using gel / not use gel, does cell come back after stopping use this gel?

 A: We suppose for obesity resolution and obesity prevention due to certain quantity of anti-inflammatory action, because of anti-inflammatory effectiveness due to we found inhibitory effect to the production of nitrogen monoxide (NO) by macrophage cell line related to formation of fatness pathology in addition to lipolysis.


  • How long could the effectiveness after use continue?

A: We cannot mention because it is different depends on condition such as individual difference, maturity stage.


  • About continuous product test for long period

Do you have test research/result about continuous effect-efficacy of the product for long period?

A: that kind of research will be implemented in the future. But considering for our achievement in more than past 10 years, we can promise for more test result in the future.

 The average waist size reduced

 Test Research  Before/ After (Size)

Fat cell decrease -0.52 cm. to -3.75 cm.

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